About Marketing Eco Founder Kari Havir

99% of clients take over website updates, email and social media campaigns. The other 1% love using our fast service.

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I founded Marketing Eco with the mission of helping businesses improve their marketing ROI via methods that reduce cost and effort while improving efficiency and corporate responsibility.

One of the ways I empower a clients is by developing their website in WordPress, which is a free, open source platform that has amazing SEO tools. Best of all, WordPress enables clients to easily update and add to their web content 24/7 from any Internet connection without any special software or knowledge of coding.

I also set up social media, email marketing accounts, and website visitor analytics for clients for a powerful, yet easy-to-use marketing tool set.

99% of my clients are able to take over 100% of their website updates, email campaigns, and social media programs. The other 1% love our fast service. My clients save money and engage their customers and prospects more directly via multiple touch points.