Bob Browning launched ISS Consulting to address the growing need to simultaneously renovate company processes and culture to boost the bottom line and gain market share. He needed both a memorable company brand and a flexible website format to show how his process works and explain the ISS Consulting difference.

Marketing Eco developed a strong logo for Bob’s new company that embodies his vision for his company utilizing the best of breed brand identity guidelines.

ISS Consulting - Maximizing the Human Resource via Gainshare

The website Marketing Eco developed for Bob uses a modular format to give a visitors both an organized and visual walk through of his process using WordPress and the modular sticky post method of organizing and displaying content and a blog-style back end content management portal.

ISS Consulting - Maximizing the Human Resource via Gainshare

About ISS Consulting:

Today, many companies large and small struggle to gain a competitive edge, failing to capitalize on the fact that they possess a vast, virtually untapped resource within their company walls. Companies with horizontally structured processes often overlook the individual work ethic and the innate human need to be both productive and responsible. By comparison, companies with productivity / gain share programs demonstrate over and over that true employee involvement contributes significantly to the whole health of the company by any measure.

“I founded ISS Consulting because I felt a burning need to help employees by making their working life far more than a simple pay check. Work is the opportunity to make a difference, to express individual creativity and innovation,” said Browning, President and Founder of ISS Consulting. “The ISS process, based on The Scanlon Plan developed by Joseph N. Scanlon in the 1930’s, has been proven to work in any company committed to its people. By tapping unutilized employee resources, the companies I have worked with, and others who believe in true employee involvement utilizing the Scanlon philosophy, see significant positive differences in their organization’s ability to compete, employees report happier and healthier work experiences, customer satisfaction improves, which all leads to a stronger bottom line and improved job security. I cannot think of anything else I’d rather do than help companies by involving their constituents in a way that benefits the customer, investor, and employee.”

Mr. Browning’s mission with ISS provides a proven means of company transformation through a tailored three step process. The process begins with an analysis of a company’s culture to assess potential for embracing gain share. Next, Mr. Browning and his team perform a deep analysis that lays the groundwork for fine-tuning the balance between customers, investors, and employees and creates a benchmark to measure change. After that, Mr. Browning uses over 30 years of experience across a broad array of business niches and company cultures to build a dynamic model for participation that includes productivity councils overseen and guided by a screening committee.

By helping companies implement a model tailored specifically to their company and culture, Mr. Browning has been able to help companies realize dramatic, measurable improvement in productivity and profitability while simultaneously providing their employees with higher levels of job satisfaction and a constant desire to produce at the highest level of efficiency.

“The Scanlon Plan is an innovative management process for total organization development. It consists of a set of assumptions about human motivation and behavior, general principles for the management of organizations based on those assumptions, and specific procedures for implementing these principles,” said Carl Frost, author, Changing Forever.

All organization leaders have the ability to light a match and tap the multitude of talented resources within their employees or remain in productivity darkness. ISS Consulting is well positioned to provide that match and help companies create an ongoing plan of participation and involvement for the long-term success of the enterprise.