La Grolla Italian Restaurant WordPress Website and Content Management PortalThe sparkling La Grolla website we developed has a fresh, warm, blog style that enables the restaurant to feed online visitors bits and bytes about new specials and travel advisories as easily as the restaurant lavishes its restaurant visitors with delicious cuisine.

What is so different about the new website compared to the old website?

We’re glad you asked! The new website gives La Grolla the ability to update their website from any computer with Internet access 24/7 through an easy-to-use, password-protected content management portal. This is vastly different from the old site which was a typical static website that required web publishing software in order to make content updates.

The addition of the WordPress architecture enables La Grolla to put new content front and center and makes it possible for visitors to subscribe to an RSS feed of future updates.

Are there any green aspects to this website?

Absolutely. With this type of web platform, one of the biggest changes clients notice is on the back end in the area of content collaboration which is paperless when a client utilizes the host of back end collaboration features available.

Staff contribution permissions are just one part of the paperless collaboration tool set. The client’s staff are each assigned their own user name and password and permissions are set so that staff with “Contributor” status can submit content to “Editors” for review, changes, and publication on the website. Pending content is kept in a pending area where “Editors” can see all pending content at a glance.

There are even more back end collaboration tools available, which we’ll post about very soon. In short, we’re as excited about the capabilities as our clients are. This platform empowers our clients in ways they hadn’t considered before and the energy and ideas that are sprouting as a result are thrilling all around.
Paperless, collaborative, and empowering.

The best part about this specific open source website development platform in our view is that it puts the real power in our client’s hands and they don’t have to call us to communicate to their customers. We’re always available to help, yet rather than being a bottle neck in the flow of information, we can focus on being a creative catalyst and help our clients step into using social and viral marketing techniques as well, which of course is part every interactive and eco marketing firm’s dream.

Watch for further updates regarding La Grolla’s online presence as we continue to incubate new viral, social, and paperless marketing ideas with the cutting-edge La Grolla team.