Women as Healers WordPress website integrated with social mediaWe’re extremely thrilled to announce the launch of Tami Briggs’ new book, Women as Healers: Voices of Vibrancy, and the website Marketing Eco created for Tami to help take the book on an exciting social media journey.

Tami found the fittingly vibrant photo that graces the cover of the book and companion CD and Marketing Eco designed the website header and companion graphics to compliment the book’s design and further communicate Tami’s vision.

The easy-to-use WordPress website content management portal has been pivotal, enabling Tami and the talented developers already managing her previously-created shopping cart secure access to add content and code at any time, from anywhere with Internet access.

What the Book is About

Here’s the scoop about the book’s content straight from the Women as Healers website along with an iPhone snapshot of the book and CD just after it arrived at Marketing Eco:

Women as Healers Voices of Vibrancy Book and CDWomen as Healers: Voices of Vibrancy is Tami Briggs’ newest book. From Nebraska to the Netherlands, India to Iran, and Serbia to South Carolina (and many other U.S. states), the 31 women featured are all gifted healers. As they share their stories, they give us many insights on how to help heal the world. Some work for corporations and institutions; many of them are self-employed. They are from all walks of life, doing extraordinary things to help make our world a better place. In this book you will read about life-changing experiences from authors, artists, consultants, nurses, educators, leaders, and therapists – creators all.

Many of the contributing authors have suffered great tragedies and losses, yet they demonstrate to all of us resiliency and great strength. They are pioneers – powerful, spiritual and spirited. You will likely see yourself in many of these women’s heart-warming and touching stories. As they reflect on and share their journeys of healing, they model taking risks, beating the odds, being of great service, making significant differences in the world, and living their passions.

A Marketing Eco Reader Experience

When the book and CD arrived by post yesterday, Kari Havir (Principal, Marketing Eco) dashed off with a beaming face and the copy of the book to her favorite garlic-scented restaurant, La Grolla. Kari had everything positive to say about her shared reading experience. Here’s the scoop:

I was so exceedingly thrilled when the book arrived that I just had to show it off immediately. I had a vision of delving into the book with a plate of my favorite cuisine and the happy chatter of contented people surrounding me. I know, you’re probably thinking you’d rather snuggle in under a warm lap blanket and read at home, however there was something about this particular book that made me want to share the experience while in the moment.

Reading Women as Healers at La GrollaI sat down with a glass of wine and La Grolla’s marvelous bread and started reading. One of my very favorite La Grolla people, Rachel, waited on my table last night. When I confessed with a wobbly smile that I was so moved by the first story I was reading, she only half-jokingly gave me a few drink napkins just in case I needed them. I had happy, tear-filled eyes more than once, but I’m not shy about having those in public. Any piece of literature, art, or performance media that can move me to tears while sharing that experience with others is hands-down on my list of favorite things.

Women as Healers WordPress website integrated with social mediaAs I read on while enjoying a scrumptious plate of mixed seafood, I was again conscious of how wonderful the setting was for my personal experience with the book. The combination made for an absolutely lovely evening.

I am really looking forward to snuggling in for the rest of the book with Tami’s harp music playing in the background to complete the experience. I’ll definitely write an update when I complete my reading journey and share more about this fantastic project, so stay tuned for my follow up piece.

Women as Healers WordPress website integrated with social mediaAnd Now, the Actual Website!

On Tami’s Women as Healers website you can hear Tami’s harp music and learn about the book project.

Call for Reader Responses

Marketing Eco would love to know where you take your Women as Healers: Voices of Vibrancy book copy and how you share your reading experience, so please feel share your book adventures and photos by emailing us your comment.

Stay tuned to Women As Healers for further updates as Women as Healers: Voices of Vibrancy book adventure roles out!