The American Private Investigator WordPress Podcast and Videocast WebsiteThe American P. I. website has launched and is fully integrated so that media casts automatically feed to iTunes, Blubrry, YouTube and many other podcast and videocast websites in one click of the mouse button.

Here’s a peek at The American P. I. look and feel:

We designed the logo, website, and one page speaking sheet for Paul in a vibrant range of oranges and blues.

The American P. I. purpose:

With The American P. I. website, Paul Jaeb, CEO of the Heartland Investigative Group, set out to create captivating podcast content that would provide helpful and educational information to fellow investigators. His content focuses on everything from the business issues of running a P. I. firm, to legislative issues, continuing education, networking and investigative associations, and of course investigation techniques and concerns. On each podcast episode Paul interviews several seasoned investigative colleagues from across the nation to get at the issues facing private investigators in various geographical areas and investigative niches.

Here’s a peek at Paul Jaeb, The American P. I.:

Paul Jaeb, CEO

Heartland Investigative Group

Paul Jaeb is 20 year veteran private investigator. He is the founder and CEO of Heartland Investigative Group, a premier investigative and security consulting firm based in Minneapolis.

Paul is a founding member of the Minnesota Association of Private Investigators and is the current National Director of the National Association of Legal Investigators.

Paul also sits on the Executive Committee of Investigative and Security Professionals for Legislative Action, and is active in ASIS International and the Association of Certified Fraud Examiners.

In addition, Paul speaks at corporate events, professional associations, and private events bringing his experienced perspective and engaging style as a key note or breakout session for organizations across the nation.

Seamless, easy-to-use, and powerful website technology:

One-click integration isn’t only for Twitter, Facebook, MySpace, and LinkedIn these days. We’re really excited how this website plugs The American P. I. into all the big podcast and video media feeds. What’s even more thrilling is that one-click integration can easily be built into every one of our client websites.

Here’s the skinny on podcast recording sessions with guests all over the nation work:

Podcasting session are recorded locally, yet guests on the podcast episodes call in from all over the nation with a clear recording session thanks to’s free, 24/7 Internet calling features.

Stay tuned! Down the road we’ll check back with Paul and feature feedback from The American P. I. on his website, podcasts, and further interactive plans in the works. Happy podcast listening!