“I came into contact with Ms. Kari Havir upon joining the Board of Directors of The Walter Mobility Group. I have found Kari’s knowledge of the internet and marketing expertise to be a tremendous asset to the Walter organization in implementing their business plan and also in avoiding costly marketing errors. I have found her to be extremely easy to work with and also very reliable. I am impressed by her ability to deal pleasantly and tactfully with Directors who have strong personalities and varied backgrounds. I am further impressed with her obviously ethical approach to business and to her work product. I sensed immediately that Ms. Havir was competent and trustworthy and I have not been disappointed.

My own background on various Boards and as President of a public employees union, the California Association of Professional Employees, has brought me into contact with all types of people. Kari Havir is among the best of them. She has my full confidence and I consider her among the ‘good people’.” August, 20, 2006

Brian C. Brooks