“I have known Kari since 2004, as a professional person delivering computer services, as a work colleague in a start-up company, and as a family friend.  Kari is an endearing person, an accomplished market analyst, a creative computer artist, an intellectual and inquisitive person.

I am a Duke University trained lawyer, with 15 years of government civil service working in Washington, DC; 15 years as an officer in an aerospace corporation in California; and 16 years managing a start-up company in the power generation industry.  See the website at www.cleanenergysystems.com.

I am aware of many of Kari’s personal strengths, including her work ethic, which is exceptional, her reliability, flexibility, responsiveness, punctuality, creativity, friendliness, teamwork competence, and self starting assertiveness, when required.  I enjoy working with Kari, and always learn from our joint efforts.  She is humble, soft spoken and sober, but, don’t let that fool you.  She will politely inform you when you are confused, or uninformed about a topic before you, but always with respect and tolerance.  Several of us here in California were distressed by her decision to return to her family surroundings in Minneapolis.  It was her decision and we respect it, but we miss her.

If I were in the marketplace looking for a marketing analyst or an interactive marketing management consultant, I would hire Kari in a heartbeat, and she knows that if she ever decides to return to California, she always has work here as well.” August 20, 2006

Stephen E. Doyle, Executive Vice President, The Walter Mobility Group, Inc.