Scanlon Leadership WordPress WebsiteThe Scanlon Leadership Network needed to consolidate websites and create an easy-to-manage public website along with member, consultancy, foundation, and board Intranet areas controlled by unique permissions to improve collaboration, communication, and access to Scanlon materials. Marketing Eco consolidated domain management and websites, created a single point of entry based on WordPress website archictecture, and fleshed out the SharePoint Intranet architecture and permissions on the SharePoint site launched by Bob Bruce of Trista Technology.

Members, Consultants, the Foundation, the Board, and the network’s support structure each have their own Intranet areas, visible only to those with specific area permissions.

Scanlon Leadership SharePoint IntranetThe Scanlon SharePoint Intranet features tabbed areas that are only visible to each group based on permissions: Members, consultants, the foundation, the board, and the network’s support team. The view shown to the left is the admin view of SharePoint which shows all tabs due to the admins permissions to edit all areas of the Intranet. A member, for instance, would only see the Home and Members tabs.

Both the public facing WordPress site and the SharePoint Intranet site and sub sites were launched in May 2010 and are ready for content that will be developed by the Scanlon Leadership Network in phases. Since both platforms are so easy for anyone without web development knowledge to edit and are scalable, they are ideal for businesses of all sizes to use for external and internal communication and collaboration.

The Scanlon Leadership Network plans to add and update their own content via volunteers living across the United States. Since both platforms enable updates to be performed from any Internet connection anywhere in the world via permission-based login, they present an ideal solution.